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    Biodiversity, Guided Tours, Jungle
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A perfect tour for any traveler that is visiting Cali and wants to take a day break from the city and experience the beauty of the tropical jungle, the calming effect of the San Cipriano river, it’s natural pools and a thrilling ride experience in a “moto brujita”.



The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Transport
  • Alimentation
  • Park entrance fees
  • Guides
  • Tours
  • Travel assistance
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Additional beverages or snacks
  • Purchase of souvenirs
  1. San Cipriano Day 1

    Departing from Cali around 06:00 you will travel towards the Pacific Coast in the “Via del Mar” highway. Cross the Western Andean mountain range, where you will stop for breakfast and then arrive at Zaragosa village to take the “moto brujita”, destination: San Cipriano village.
    After a short walk you will enter San Cipriano Natural Park. You will start with an eco-walk through the jungle until you reach some beautiful waterfalls in the middle of the forest. You will return to San Cipriano village for lunch in one of our recommended restaurants, before heading back to the park to “Charco Sabalos” fresh natural water pond where you will enjoy the crystal clear waters, and from here go downstream tubing the San Cipriano river. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the different natural ponds and the natural beauty of the park before returning to Cali.

The tour starts and ends in Cali.

All tours are in English or Spanish depending of the group. Our tour guides are with you all day to make sure that they maximize your experience. They’ll take you on a guided walking tour and assist you throughout the entire trip.

We will only take you to restaurants that we have tried and liked. If you follow a special diet, please let us know at least three days in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Local dishes.

  • Fish Stew “Sancocho de pescado”.
  • Fried Fish, rice and salad.

We operate small group tours, with a minimum of 9 people to 12 people maximum focusing on quality, value, and service, and a higher inter personal experience. We also believe that small groups are more respectful of the natural environment that we are  visiting.

“Moto Brujita” is the local means of transport in San Cipriano. It is a combination of a motorbike attached to an open train car that moves along a disused rail track. A unique experience.

Places of Interest that we might visit include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Charco Sabalos
  • Charco Tortugas
  • Charco Oscuro